As a matter of Faith – TEDx Delft 2018

I’m incredibly grateful to TEDx Delft 2018 for giving me the opportunity to host their stage. They also challenged me to share my own story with the audience as an introduction to the theme of the event: As a matter of Faith.

Interested about my reflection of this experience? Read my blog or get a visual.

Herewith what I had to say:

cropped-img_2889.jpgToday’s theme is: As a matter of faith. We’ve got a full program for you with 8 Talks, 4 Life performances, and of course a dinner break, where you can meet new people and share your thoughts an ideas with each other

So you’ll see me a lot up here and as taught by my grandmother, be polite and introduce yourself properly! My grandmother was right about a lot of things, and I think she is right about this.

My grandmother was funny, a bit bitchy, always trying to trick people and this small. So I’ve been able to high-fiving here from when I was a young kid up till she passed away 2,5 years ago at a age of 92.

She was one of the most beautiful and important persons, who I have had in my life.And when I spoke my goodbyes at her funeral it broke my heart.

You recognize those days when life gives you shit, right? Well looking back this was just the first moment in a row of events which changed my life drastically.

Good to know I’m blessed with a very positive and associative mind, so don’t worry, I’m not going to cry up here and I will take you back to today’s theme.

So to speed things up a bit a few weeks after my grandma’s funeral, I met a guy who I got involved with, It was love at first sight. Not as relationship like, but as the best friend ever, maybe even a soulmate. The connection confused me, but there was no time to get used to it, as two days later at NY’s eve my house burned down.

My safe place… gone! The next half year I’ve been moving around with the few things I’ve got left and a bag of new clothes. The moment, I could go back home, the guy, my new best friend got psychotic… so I took care of him for a few months and there was no energy or space left to pay attention to others.

 All the stress, insecurity and sorrow got me burned out and made me picking myself up over and over again. It also putted a lot of pressure on relationships with my family, friends and colleagues, who are so dear to me.

But as promised, coming back at today’s theme: As a matter of faith. All these moments, made me realize that clichés are true:

What doesn’t kill you makes your stronger and that you should have faith that all will be right in the end, and if it’s not, it is not the end.

For me personally all these experiences gained my trust in life and more importantly, it made me belief in myself.

It made me realize how beautiful people are and how important it is to be around others. To pay attention to their stories. And not being afraid to share my own story with them. As a matter of faith!

And today it’s about the people who come on stage and share their ideas with us. Because they believe in what they have to say.  We’re all here to get inspired, meet new people, get different insights, maybe you’ll hear something that change your beliefs.

So much love for the amazing production team, hard working volunteers, inspiring speakers and incredible audience 💚 #fortheloveofstories #asamatteroffaith #tedxdelft#Repost