Hosting ADE Chicks in the Bizz network event

During the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), I was asked to host the Chicks in The Bizz network event. An ideal moment to meet women that work in the music business and I’ve got to interview three inspiring ladies on stage at Café de Koe. They shared their stories about their careers in the music business and gave some tips to the audience.

Let me introduce them to you:

Laura Vogelsang started her career at MTV, TMF, worked for festivals as Bungalop and nowadays she’s a Freelance Marketing Strategist.
‘Don’t look down at people, but also don’t look up to them, because in the end, everybody has to poop once. Just think about that, how someone poops. It really helps.’ – Laura Vogelsang.




Marieke Samallo is creative entrepeneur and the proud founder and director of the Milkshake festival.
‘Follow your gut feeling, not on how you are going to make money, because that does not work. Go around all Egos and stay true to your intuition’ – Marieke Samallo.





Pauline Goedhart once was an intern at Club Air and grew up to became the Brandmanager of the A’DAM Tower.
‘Don’t think that you can’t do things, be brazen. If you come up with good arguments everyone will listen, so think carefully about what can be asked in advance’ – Pauline Goedhart.